About Miri Leore

I was born in Claremont CA, in 1963. I grew up close to the San Gabriel mountains, in Southern California, and spent much of my childhood exploring the streams and mountains around my home.

I have always created art. In 1983 I moved to New York City, and became involved in Greenwich House Pottery, working as a studio assistant, in exchange for access to the facility, and my own little space in the basement to work. I was accepted to, Bennington College, where I received my BA in Sculpture and Painting, in 1989. 

When I was in my mid 20's, my Grandmother, who was a painter in Montreal, began spending her winters in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, where she would go to paint. I would go to stay with her, and studied bronze sculpture at Instituto De Allende, while there. 

I moved to Oakland CA in 1991, where I am currently raising my daughter, creating art, and supporting our family by running Beauty And The Feast, a landscape business. 

Miri Malmquist Beauty and the Feast Landscaping feastgardens.com